Frequently asked questions

Is this an Agency?

No. We are not an agency, nor do we claim to be. Unlike other similar companies, we simply empower YOU with the information you need to implement. Getting started is actually quite simple when you know where to look and how to present yourself!

What exactly do you do?

Getting Started 205 does just what our name says- we help people just like you, of ALL ages, with a desire to start in the industry learn exactly how, step by step, to do just that. START.

Lots of companies prey on beginners, making them pay large signup fees for overpriced photo shoots, and that is NOT how it works. Don't let your inexperience cost you! Attend a workshop to learn step by step how to get started.

Get answers to frequently asked questions, such as:

What should my first steps be? How do I  get an agent?  What do agents do? Am I ready for an agent? How do I find a book jobs? Am I too old, too young?

What is included in a one on one?

A one on one gives you the opportunity to sit down with our founder, K'la Inman, and receive all the information that you need to get yourself or your child started. Take the time to ask all the questions you can think of.

What's included in the workshops?

Our workshops are held every 3-4 weeks in Birmingham AL. You will receive all of the same information as a one on one, but in a group setting. Group settings allow for you to hear other people's questions that you may not have thought of, and a chance to network! Total Package workshop tickets also INCLUDE a professional head shot session.

Have Attendees Booked Anything?

After attending a workshop and learning how to start, past attendees have booked:


Little Debbie


Saints & Sinners

Dollywood Parks


Tennessee Valley Credit Union

Birmingham Civil Right Inst.

Hibbet Sports

Ford Motors

Fatal Attraction

For My Man

......and many more!