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Do you have a dream of acting and modeling?

What is getting started 205?


What We Do

Getting Started 205 does just what our name says- we help people just like you with a desire to start in the industry learn exactly how, step by step, to do just that. START.

Lots of companies prey on beginners, making them pay large signup fees for overpriced photo shoots, and that is NOT how it works. Don't let your inexperience cost you! Book a meeting to learn step by step from industry expert, K'la Inman. 

You will learn: How to get an agent, what they look for, how to find a book paid jobs, and much more.

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About our Founder

Hi! I'm K'la Inman (pronounced Kayla).

I've been in entertainment industry for around 10 years, and have worked on nearly every type of set, including tv/film, commercial, and print. I started this company to help people just like my younger self learn exactly how to start in the industry. I wasted thousands of dollars on companies that would come to town promising to deliver my 'dream' and had nothing to show for it. My passion is to expose the frauds, and light up the true path to a career in this industry.

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